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Welcome to the Skaia.net fansite, a Homestuck/MS Paint Adventures fan site and service.
This service is provided by AndrewNeo.

Please view the Pages to the right for more information on IRC, Jabber/mail forwarding, and more.

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Skaianet is switching over to a full shutdown June 9, 2014. This primarily includes IRC. Thanks everyone for a fun few years!
If you’re interested in the domain, please contact andrewneo@, otherwise the domain will expire on the shutdown date.

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Skaia.net is entering a slow spindown of services. Over the past couple years I feel it’s had a nice place in the community, but due to a lack of time to commit, and a failure to take off in the way I had originally hoped, I haven’t been able to put into it what it needs, and also haven’t found anyone I can leave as a successor. So unfortunately, I’m going to start shutting it down.

Originally I had thought about just shutting down the imageboard, as I mentioned in a blog post earlier this year. Even after turning off anonymous comments, the damage in reputation had already been done, and without better board software the ability to properly moderate the board just isn’t there. So I’m shutting the server down.

The imageboard, as well as the unmaintained image forwarding will go down first. Radio and IRC will stay up till at least the end of the year, longer if they actually still get used. They’re much lower resources and maintenance so I don’t mind keeping them alive.

I suspect the heavy users will be disappointed, but I also know there just aren’t that many of them. There was a fair amount of consistent traffic (~3MB/s) but I feel without the ability to maintain it correctly it’s not worth keeping.

Hopefully most everyone will understand, and moreso I hope if there really is a wish for an imageboard that someone will start another, and start it out right with Danbooru so it can actually be moderated. Shimmie is terrible, guys.

In all, thanks everyone for being our users over these past couple years. I still love the MSPA community and I know everything will go just fine without us.

- AndrewNeo

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From Pesterchum Radio‘s blog:

6 months. 26 Episodes. Battles waged. Hearts broken. Members of the music team haunted. Shrine Maidens eaten. It all comes down to this, a final battle for both life and death. Three men and guest Samm Neiland enter into deaths domain, broken, battered and cold, not knowing what awaits them at the other end. Join them listeners, tonight, at Skaia.net Radio at 8:00 PM PST, and watch as history unfolds before your very eyes.

Send what could be these four intrepid heroes final pieces of feedback tonight on Twitter, or e-mail us at PesterchumRadio@gmail.com, or our MSPA Forum thread, and our Facebook Fan Page.

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Skaia.net is back up to full capacity, including mail and imageboard. There was some data loss to the imageboard (about a week of uploads and comments), but this should be prevented in the future. The periodic outages should stop now too. Plenty of changes are in the works, like actually resuming creating mail addresses. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

- AndrewNeo

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So we’ve been having a bit of a problem with the server lately. First, our server’s hard drive seemed like it didn’t want to live, right while I was moving across the country, which is why we were getting HTTP 500 errors from something like Aug. 20 to the 23rd and I couldn’t fix it. The problem appears to have been fixed, but to be safe (and not lose data) I decided to move everything over to a Linode. Unfortunately, the imageboard uses around 5mbit/s and completely toasted both the Linode’s RAM and bandwidth (since I brought it up near the end of the month, we only got 70GB for the month. Our racked server gets 2TB/mo.). Bandwidth resets on the first of the month, so at first I figured I’d take the server down for like, four days, and wait for the bandwidth limit to reset. Buuut, it appears that people like the imageboard too much, and since the main server appeared to be stable again I moved the imageboard back. It’s holding up well, and we don’t have to worry about bandwidth.

However, this leads me to what I really wanted to post. Some time this week (probably Saturday, Sep 3 to be specific), Solatrus will be headed to the datacenter with a RAID card to help keep us from running into any more hard drive problems. The day before, I’m going to move the Skaianet services back to the Linode (with a full 200GB of bandwidth, this time), and then we’ll perform the upgrade, which will involve a few other minor behind the scenes changes.

So, this is a little bit of an advanced warning that Skaianet might have a tiny bit of turbulence (we’ll have to change DNS again to point back at Linode) this weekend while we do some upgrades that should keep us from having any more intermittent downtime, which has been a pain in the butt for several months now. Since this is pre-emptive, I’ll try and make the transition as smooth as possible for you guys. I’m also debating setting up some (off-site?) place to talk about Skaia.net, especially because I see a lot of chatter inside image threads on the imageboard, which really isn’t appropriate.

Addendum: There are now ads on the imageboard, due to the amount of traffic we get, it’s pretty much the number one source for the entire server. I put them there to help, I’m just writing this to let you guys know what’s going on. If you click, it helps a lot, if not, we’re not going anywhere.

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Saturday, Michael Guy Bowman will be on the next broadcast of Pesterchum Radio Live!

And feel free to send questions to the Pesterchum Radio Facebook page, their Twitter, or to their email for Bowman to answer!

Tune in on Skaianet Radio! I’ll be listening in with you.

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There was quite a lot of comment controversy on an image that was posted to the Imageboard recently, and since the board doesn’t have a news function or anything like that, I thought I’d address it here.

A lot of the comments were arguing about the specific image in question violating board rules versus it being tasteful nudity (artistic). I was personally in the camp, that yes, it was a tasteful piece, and hardly inappropriate on its own. Now we come down to the problem that plagues the MSPA community in general: The children, and the trolls, are all underage characters. And as such, no imagery that can be considered adult works can be allowed on the board, for both moral and legal reasons. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

I still think it was a very well-done image. However, it had to be taken down. If the character in question was not underage, it would have been allowed to stay up, simple as that. I hope this addresses some of the concerns people were voicing on the imageboard. If you have any other questions about the removal policy, please feel free to email me directly, or post in the comments below.

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I had a blast with the guys at http://www.pesterchumradio.com on their very first live episode!

I’m also happy to announce that Pesterchum Radio Live! will be a regular show on Skaianet Radio, however the details for when they will be broadcasting still need to be worked out. Stay tuned, and I hope you all enjoyed the show!

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Sorry about not posting this earlier this week, I’ve had a bunch of things going on. Tomorrow at 9 PM EST I’ll be hosting a live episode of Pesterchum Radio! It’ll be streamed on our very own Skaianet Radio, so TUNE IN!

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Hey guys, I posted about my adventures at the massive bunny meetup over at my website’s blog. Check it out!

> Bunnies: Become the bunnypile.